Skype Video Not Working? How to Test and Troubleshoot Your Camera

It can be very frustrating when Skype video is not working. Especially because productivity and communication tools like Skype are such an integral part of our everyday lives.
Occasionally, people seem to have difficulty configuring their webcam and video to work properly with the Skype software. No matter what they try, there’s no video stream on display. If you’re experiencing this, this short list solves the problems of no video stream from either your webcam or from the person you’re calling.
Before going through this checklist, download the latest version of Skype for either Windows, Mac, or Linux. This will ensure that you have the latest bug fixes and patches installed. For that matter, if you’re having a problem with the video stream from the person you’re trying to call, make sure they have the latest version of Skype as well!
1. Check Your Drivers Update your video device software to the latest version. Check with the manufacturer website of your webcam for the latest driv..

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