6 Fun Ways to Give Your Mac a Retro Look

If you like to relive the good old days, you might enjoy the idea of making your Mac look retro. You can do that from the outside with a new decal or sticker, but what about the inside? That’s easy too!
With the following six tips, you’ll soon have macOS looking as good as old.
Note: Our tips focus on generic changes, not specifically those to match older macOS versions.
1. Paint the Screen Old
Computers of the past had either neon colors or, at the other extreme, gray and similar dull colors. You can achieve either effect on your Mac with a few tweaks.
To go gray, start by changing the theme for windows, menus, buttons, etc. from System Preferences > General. Select Graphite from the Appearance dropdown menu there.
You can also select Graphite from the Highlight menu to change the color of highlighted text from blue to a plain gray.

You’ll notice that the Graphite theme doesn’t affect app and folder icons. If you want to dull those down as well, you can do that from System Pr..

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