How to Set Up Sync in Vivaldi and Synchronize Your Browsing Data

Most major browsers offer some method for syncing browsing data between devices, and now Vivaldi has joined the crowd.
Vivaldi is a beautiful web browser for power users with a lot of features, including a customizable user experience, fast startup and page loading, quick commands, and notes. You should consider switching to Vivaldi if you haven’t already.
The Sync feature in Vivaldi is still in the experimental stage, but we found it to work well so far. You can download Vivaldi for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Vivaldi is not available on mobile devices but you can run Vivaldi on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Today we’ll show you how to start using the experimental Sync feature.
What Does Vivaldi Actually Sync? Currently, Vivaldi supports synchronizing the following items:
Bookmarks Speed Dials Settings (Only some setting are currently synced. They are working on syncing additional settings.) Stored webpage passwords Stored autofill information History (Currently, only typed URLs are stored in H..

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