How to Quickly Sort the Cards in a Trello List

Think of Trello as a deck of cards and you will get the picture. Like a card deck, you can shuffle cards, move them around, or stack them on top of one another. But how do you sort a bunch of Trello cards automatically, and without tiring your hands?
The little command is hidden within the Trello menu.

The ability to sort cards in different ways allows you to organize them in specific sequences. For instance, when you have a bunch of cards in a Trello board, you can sort by date created and bring the oldest cards to the top. Or rearrange them by any due dates.
The method to sort cards is easy:
Click the Menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the top right of a list. Select Sort By and then click on one of the options under the Sort List. Sorting options will vary according to the parameters added to the card. If Power-ups like Custom Fields are enabled, you can sort them according to the variables you may have entered there. If there are no Power-Ups enabled, then you will see the b..

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