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How to Stop Switching To-Do Apps (And Find the One You’ll Love Instead)

The list of to-do list apps on the market is endless. Both major app stores are crammed full of task management software that claims to solve your to-do list woes.
For first-timers, there’s a healthy selection to choose from. But for those who have a habit of switching to-do apps, the problem only adds complexity.
Switching to-do list apps on a whim has become a routine for many, and that’s not good for our productivity. Let’s explore the downsides to switching apps and how you can find the perfect to-do list application for yourself.
Do You Have Shiny New Toy Syndrome? Chances are if you’ve installed a to-do list application it won’t have been your first.
Popular task management solutions include TickTick, Todoist, Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do, Any.DO, Things 3, 2Do and many more. Switching to-do list applications isn’t a crime. But it must be regulated.
Regular switches for the sake of a feature can be damaging to your workflow. Many people compare moving to a new application to ..

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10 Mac Reminder Apps That Outperform Apple Reminders Addiction Adobe Photoshop Android Browser Extensions Business Technology Buying Guides Buying Tips Call Management Computer Privacy Computer Processor Computer Security Contact Management Cool Web Apps Cord Cutting CPU Creative Digital Art Entertainment Facebook Flight Tickets Fonts Fortnite Freelance Gaming Google Play Google Play Store Hardware Tips History Instagram Internet Invoice iPhone and iPad Keyboard Mac Mac Tips Malware Media Streaming Meta: Affiliate Links Meta: CTR Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Tips Microsoft Word Mobile Payment Money Management Office Templates Online Security Online Video Organization Software PayPal Photoshop Tutorial Productivity Programming Record Video RSS Save Money Screen Capture Screencast Security Short Sideloading Skyscanner Smartphone Security Social Media Spam Task Management Tech News Technology Explained To-Do List Travel Typography Venmo VLC Media Player Web Development Windows Workspace YouTube 

10 Mac Reminder Apps That Outperform Apple Reminders

When you’re looking for a reminder app, it’s tempting to use a built-in solution like Apple Reminders. But you have plenty of alternatives to consider on your Mac.
While Apple’s Reminders is a simple solution, it lacks advanced abilities and an elegant design. It only offers the bare minimum, suitable for tallying lists for shopping and personal activities, but not much more.
Here are ten alternative reminder apps for Mac that are worth a look.
1. Clear
Clear is one of the most interactive reminder applications on Mac. Delivering a bright experience, the app allows users to customize lists with colors and use gestures to quickly organize them.
Organizing tasks using this list view allows for a distraction-free focus zone for managing reminders on your Mac. And the gestures integrate perfectly with your trackpad or Magic Mouse, allowing you to swipe and connect with your tasks. Clear lets you sync with iCloud to link to your iOS devices, so you can access your tasks from anywhere…

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