5 Tips for Detecting and Avoiding Dangerous Apps on Android

The Google Play Store is not the only way to download Android apps. Third-party marketplaces give you access to apps that are not available on the Play Store, as well as paid apps for free. By sideloading these apps, you’re risking your personal data.
Sometimes apps on the Play Store are not safe either. They can ask for a host of permissions to access data they don’t strictly need and push ads to track you. While Google works hard to keep harmful apps out of the store, you should take precautions too.
We’ll show you how to avoid potentially dangerous apps on Android.
1. Avoid Installing Apps From Unknown Sources The Play Store is the safest place to browse and install Android apps. Google employs a variety of security mechanisms and ensures that apps you download are safe. One such mechanism is Google Play Protect, which works in the background to scan apps from the Play Store and unknown sources.
To check the status of Play Protect on your device, open the Play Store and tap Menu..

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