How to Stop Switching To-Do Apps (And Find the One You’ll Love Instead)

The list of to-do list apps on the market is endless. Both major app stores are crammed full of task management software that claims to solve your to-do list woes.
For first-timers, there’s a healthy selection to choose from. But for those who have a habit of switching to-do apps, the problem only adds complexity.
Switching to-do list apps on a whim has become a routine for many, and that’s not good for our productivity. Let’s explore the downsides to switching apps and how you can find the perfect to-do list application for yourself.
Do You Have Shiny New Toy Syndrome? Chances are if you’ve installed a to-do list application it won’t have been your first.
Popular task management solutions include TickTick, Todoist, Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do, Any.DO, Things 3, 2Do and many more. Switching to-do list applications isn’t a crime. But it must be regulated.
Regular switches for the sake of a feature can be damaging to your workflow. Many people compare moving to a new application to ..

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