How to Find Insanely Cheap Flights Using a VPN

Planning a trip aboard has never been easier. You can check out car hire, hotels, excursions, and importantly, your flights, all online. Most of us now head to a flight comparison site, plug in our destination and begin poring over results; everyone likes insanely cheap flights.
You check the flights once, and the fare seems good. But each time you check again, the price has crept up. It’s almost like the airlines are tracking your interest and raising the prices.
Is it just a trick of the mind? Or is it real? Read on to find out how you can use a VPN to find those super cheap airline tickets.
Airlines Don’t Use Cookies to Increase Prices The idea that airlines and the comparison sites are using cookies to track our interest in specific routes isn’t new. Understandably, no airline has ever confirmed that this practice is real. Similarly, no price comparison site will confirm that they actively gouge their customers—it would be a savage act of terrible PR.
In fact, the world’s most ..

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