8 Texting and Walking Fails: Don’t Become the Next Victim

Your smartphone screen is a big distraction, isn’t it? Texting and walking is so common now that it’s becoming a real threat to public health.
People are (usually) getting better at avoiding texting and driving. However, far too many people have no qualms about walking around with their faces glued to their smartphone screens. This leads to situations that at best result in embarrassing accidents, and at worst have far more serious consequences.
Let’s take a look at some of the worst texting and walking fails and reflect on why texting was a bad decision at that given moment.
1. Smartphones and Poles Don’t Mix
A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar. The priest asks the rabbi why he walked into the bar, to which the rabbi replies, “Oh, I was texting, and didn’t see it.”
Bad jokes aside, poles are everywhere. Looking down at a phone while you’re walking along a sidewalk increases your odds of coming face-to-face with a pole in a short time.
And as you can see in this video, when a h..

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