Tinder U Is for Students Looking for Dates

While attending college is primarily about education, it also represents teenagers being free for the first time. They may drink, they may smoke, they may do other things that they’ll regret later in life. And they’ll definitely go on a few dates.
Tinder is keen to help students score more dates, so it has launched Tinder U to separate college kids from the rest of us. And with 18- to 24-year-olds already making up over half of Tinder’s userbase, appealing directly to students makes sense.
Tinder U Lets Students Date Other Students Tinder U is essentially a feature within the main Tinder app. Just one that’s only available to kids attending college. Students will be able to switch between using Tinder and Tinder U, with the latter only matching you with other students in the area.
To sign up for Tinder U, you need to be located on campus, and provide Tinder with your .edu email address. You’ll then receive an invitation via email which you’ll need to click in order to verify your e..

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