5 Mind Mapping Sites and Apps to Brainstorm New Ideas

Mind mapping is the practice of organizing ideas during a brainstorming session. It connects all those haphazard thoughts that pop into your head and helps you make sense of them. A pen and paper are often useful, but you can also go digital with apps and sites.
We have previously looked at some of the best mind-mapping tools and how to use them, but as with any popular productivity technique, there are new apps popping up all the time. These new tools cover a range of topics, including apps made for the small mobile screen, beginner mind maps, and even templates.
MindMapNinja (Web) Tree-based mind-mapping for beginners
If this is your first time with a mind map, I’d suggest starting with MindMapNinja. It’s a free, simple tool that gives you an organized approach to mind-mapping. You don’t even need to register to get started.
Unlike many of the other mind mappers, MindMapNinja doesn’t give you a blank canvas to jot your thoughts down. Instead, it makes you start at a central node..

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