10 Hidden Features of Microsoft Outlook That Are Rarely Used

If you use Outlook, you already know it’s a useful program for managing your email and includes a lot of great features. Today we’re going to cover some lesser known Outlook features that could help improve your workflow.
1. Change the Number of Lines in Message Previews
In the list of email messages, Outlook displays a preview of each message. This includes the sender and the subject line on the first line and then one line from the email message body below that by default.
You can change the number of lines from the message that displays in the list of messages.
Go to the View tab and click the Message Preview button. Then, select 1 Line (default), 2 Lines, or 3 Lines. Or select Off if you don’t want any of the email message displayed in the list.
You’ll be asked if you want to apply this setting to only This folder or All mailboxes.
The number of lines you select does not include the sender and subject line. So if you select 2 Lines, you ‘ll see three lines total: the sender ..

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