How to Make Your Own Private Netflix Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive

Given the amount of content on offer, Netflix offers phenomenal value for money.
However, if you’ve already got an extensive library of locally saved TV shows and movies (perhaps because you spent time ripping your old DVDs to digitize your collection), you might not want to pay for Netflix.
So, why not use Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox in conjunction with Kodi to make your own private Netflix?
Warning: Don’t download TV shows and movies illegally. This process should only use content that you legally own. Watching pirated material could land you in trouble with the law.
What You’ll Need to Get Started There are two ways to make your own private Netflix. You can either use the cloud storage providers’ desktop apps and point your Kodi library at the synced folder, or you can use the companies’ official Kodi plugins.
We’ll explain both methods. But first, there are some steps you need to take regardless of which process you decide to use.
Firstly, download and install Kodi. It..

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