25 Helpful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Kodi isn’t particularly mouse friendly. It’s perhaps understandable: given the app’s Xbox background, there was no need to code support for mice in its early days. Today, the app is widely used on PCs, and mouse input feels a bit clunky and imprecise.
But you don’t need to use the mouse at all when you are using Kodi. You can use keyboard shortcuts instead. In fact, due to the mouse input’s shortcomings, it’s arguably the preferred way to navigate around the app.
Here are some Kodi shortcuts you really need to know. We’ve divided the shortcuts into three categories for easy browsing.
Playback Shortcuts on Kodi P: Play S: Stop Space: Pause/Play F: Fast-forward R: Rewind Left Arrow: Skip forward 30 seconds Right Arrow: Skip back 30 seconds T: Toggle subtitles on/off +/-: Volume up/down F8: Mute I: See information about the playing video A: Delay out-of-sync audio Z: Change the aspect ratio of the screen Navigation Shortcuts on Kodi : Toggle the app’s full-screen mode Arrow keys: Navi..

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