10 Secret Functions of Default iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

The iPhone is known for its simplicity. On the face, iOS has stayed the same since the day it released—the home screen is still just a grid of apps.
But over the years, iOS has gained a lot of new functionality, including new default apps.
Features in iOS are usually hidden behind a nondescript icon or gesture. Once you know how to access these, you’ll get a lot more value and productivity out of your iPhone.
1. Pedometer in Health If you’ve never opened the Health app on your iPhone, you’re missing out. Health uses the motion co-processor built into the iPhone. It can track the steps you take and flights of stairs you climb every day.
Plus, the Health app can turn into a repository of everything related to your health and fitness. You can easily track your weight with it. And if you use a third-party app, you can view your workouts and sleep analysis in a single screen as well.
2. Level Tool in Compass
There’s a hidden level tool in the Compass app. Open Compass and swipe left ..

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