6 Smart Photo Management Apps for Android for Easy Sorting

Every day, your phone accumulates pictures from all over. Memes from friends on messaging apps, personal memories you clicked, screenshots to stir up conversations on social media, and similar are probably taking up tons of space on your device.
Managing hundreds of these files can be a cumbersome task. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be with the right tools. Here are six smart Android apps for all your photo management needs.
1. A+ Gallery We begin with A+ Gallery, a free app that lets you browse pictures from several sources on a common platform. It’s compatible with three cloud services: Dropbox, Facebook, and Amazon Cloud Drive. Once you connect your accounts, A+ Gallery keeps your local gallery app synced with media you upload elsewhere.
In addition, A+ Gallery has a handful of other handy features for which you’d usually have to turn to other third-party solutions.
This includes the ability to secure your pictures or videos with a passcode and a feature called Places, which sh..

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