12 Types of Android Apps You Can Replace With the Google App

The majority of Android users use Google’s search app for, well, searching the web. But the company has supplemented its main app with a host of new features and utilities.
Usually, you’d rely on a variety of dedicated third-party apps for these features. We’re going to show how the Google app can handle several different common tasks and turn into a Swiss Army knife for services on your phone.
1. Reminders We begin with reminders, which have lived inside the Google app for years now. The app lets you easily configure alerts for quick tasks based either on a location or time. You can add tasks in a handful of ways.
You can either ask Google Assistant by pressing the mic icon, or simply enter a query into the search box like “Remind me to buy milk tomorrow.” If you prefer, head into the Reminders section and tap the floating Plus icon for another way.
The Reminders section is present in the hamburger menu located in the bottom-right corner of the Google app. There, you’ll also find ..

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