How to Add Animated Text to GIFs

While its pronunciation is still hotly debated, there’s no questioning the popularity of GIFs on the web. If you want to add your own brand of humor or personalization to GIFs that you share, there’s an easy way to add animated text to your GIF using an online tool.
Gifntext offers a very easy-to-use interface, allowing you to add text, images, and brush strokes to your GIFs. Here’s how to add text:
Click the Text (T) icon. Add your text, select the font, size, stroke, and color. To determine where the text will appear on the GIF, click and drag the text on the GIF itself to the position you want it to appear. To determine when the text will appear on the GIF, you can drag the bar in the timeline layers beneath the GIF. Click and drag the red bar at either end of the timeline to determine how long the text will appear. Click on the blue bar and drag to determine when it will appear. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you’ve added all of your text. You can delete text by clicking on the text a..

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