4 Tips for Avoiding Common Issues With Apple Mail Attachments

Apple Mail users can experience a variety of problems with attachments. Graphics and PDFs might show up in the body of a message. Files you send from a Mac may not show up correctly in Windows. Or even worse—your message may not reach the recipient due to its size.
This issue is complicated because people use different email clients and operating systems to exchange messages. Learning more about email attachments will help you avoid some of these problems.
We’ll show you how attachments work and important methods to work around issues.
What Is a MIME? In its early days, email was only plain text. As time went on, people wanted to exchange multimedia files and more via email.
Thus, a new system was born called MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). It is a standard to expand the limited capabilities of email with many useful features. You can send multiple attachments in a single message, use international character sets other than ASCII code, utilize rich text in the message..

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