The 9 Best Apps and Sites for Facebook Cover Photos and Profile Pictures

Since it is the biggest social network in the world, Facebook has become your point of introduction to people on the internet.
No matter what you chose for your photo privacy settings on Facebook, the profile picture and cover are visible to everyone. These need to represent who you are and/or what you’re all about.
Not everyone is a designer though, so how do regular folks like you and me make a great impression? Well, a few sites and apps can help with that.
1. LaMem: Computer Analysis of Your Profile Picture
When we showed you how to make a great profile picture, one of our tips was to survey people’s opinions with PhotoFeeler. Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided they didn’t need people to judge photos, and so they built a program that uses advanced algorithms to tell you how memorable your photo is.
LaMem (or Large Scale Image Memorability) asks you to upload your image, takes a few minutes to compute it, and spits out a score. Click the little ques..

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