How to Neatly View Cooking Recipes From Any Food Blog in Chrome

Passionate home cooks know the feeling. You are surrounded by the best recipes, but recipe search often comes with a small problem. You have to rummage around the words (and ads) that get in the way you get to the actual step-by-step recipe instructions.
If you hate that, these three Chrome extensions can help you view the recipe neatly without the clutter.
1. RecipeFilter
Go to any food blog and this Open Source Chrome extension will identify the recipe on the page. It then extracts a copy of the recipe card and displays it front and center. You don’t have to scroll through verbose explanations and rat’s nest of web garbage to reach the real instructions.
The extension also works with bookmarklets that can save to your favorite recipe manager (i.e. Paprika).
Download: RecipeFilter for Chrome (Free)
2. MealClip
Install the Chrome extension and clip the MealClip icon on the toolbar. Also, you can click the small button in the top right corner of any page that appears to contain..

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