6 Amazing Truecaller Features You Need to Use Regularly

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, Truecaller is an app you need to have on your phone. Its many features make it the best contacts and dialer app on Android today. In fact, it’s so filled with features that you might not be using some of the best ones.
What Is Truecaller?
In case you are new to it, here’s a brief introduction to Truecaller. At its core, this is an app that identifies who is calling you. Such caller identification is useful to thwart telemarketers, spam calls, and fraudsters.
In Truecaller’s case, the color of the incoming call’s contact tells you whether it’s spam or not. A blue contact card usually means it’s safe, while a red contact card means you shouldn’t pick up.
Truecaller figures out who’s calling by using phone books of users and user input. This is a privacy issue, which we’ll discuss later. But for the base purpose of identifying callers you don’t have in your contact list, Truecaller is the best.
The app has gone beyond that, however, and added severa..

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